Systems Engineering, Technology, & Innovation (SETI)
Supporting DISA and DoD Mission Partners with innovative technology solutions.

Systems Engineering, Technology, & Innovation (SETI)


Systems Engineering, Technology, & Innovation (SETI) is a Department of Defense-wide contract vehicle, awarded by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to provide new, non-commodity and innovative information technology engineering solutions, embracing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for Department of Defense (DoD) organizations. SETI is an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity vehicle designed for current complex and unique requirements, but also built to be technology-agnostic in order to solve capability gaps in all future mission needs. There are separate full and open and small business SETI prime contract suites; acquisition activities for the small business contracts have recently started.

Applied Systems Engineering Joint Venture


The Applied Systems Engineering Joint Venture (ASE JV) was awarded a small business prime contract to compete for Task Orders. The ASE JV consists of several small businesses, managed by BCT LLC.


SETI's main focus is on fostering, developing and encouraging innovation with the goal to reduce costs, streamline timelines and provide innovative solutions to the warfighter, while simultaneously, searching for breakthroughs, efficiencies, and advancements in IT engineering methodologies and technical development, which effectively manage the increased risk profiles that are inherent in solving complex capability gaps.

SETI Task Orders can span a broad set of engineering development and testing projects across these areas.

SETI Information

The SETI Fact Sheet is available here.

More information on DISA's SETI program is available here.

You may contact the ASE JV program team at:

SETI Task Areas

  • Task Area 1 System Engineering
  • Task Area 2 Design Analysis Engineering
  • Task Area 3 Systems Architecture
  • Task Area 4 Software Systems Design and Development
  • Task Area 5 Systems Integration
  • Task Area 6 Systems Test and Evaluation
  • Task Area 7 Systems Deployment and Life-cycle Engineering
  • Task Area 8 Special Systems Engineering Requirements
    • Subtask 1 Network Engineering
    • Subtask 2 Satellite Communications Engineering
    • Subtask 3 Spectrum Engineering
    • Subtask 4 Cybersecurity Engineering
    • Subtask 5 Cloud Engineering
    • Subtask 6 Information and Knowledge Engineering
    • Subtask 7 Mobility
    • Subtask 8 Cognitive Computing
    • Subtask 9 Emerging Technologies

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